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PSYCH-K® is a simple and effective process based in psychology and neuroscience to identify and transform limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks to create a state of self-empowerment, ease and clarity.
It's a simple yet powerful tool to re-perceive stressful and traumatic events form the past, worries about the future, and overcome fears so they no longer have emotional charge over your life.

It can bring rapid or even instant change and is a powerful way to free the mind from stress and limitations to bring you into alignment with your fullest potential.

We use a technique called "muscle testing" to communicate directly with the subconscious to integrate both hemispheres of the brain, and create a receptive "whole brain state" that dramatically reduces unwanted resistance to the change you want to make.


Subconscious is the operating system of the brain, that is doing millions of behind the scene activities, to keep you alive and create what you experience at the conscious level. It knows everything about you. It stores everything that has happened to you.

Science proves that at the conscious level we only use 5-10% of the mind. The other  90-95% is the subconscious. This is where unresolved stress and trauma play out. It's where your beliefs are programmed and stored. It's all your unconscious activity, your autopilot. That 90-95% determines who you are.

The reason past negative events and worries about the future have strong emotional impact on you, is that something in the mind isn't processing correctly. They loop in the background creating stronger energetic charge, overwhelming the nervous system. Because the subconscious thinks in present time only, you're experiencing them as if they were happening to you in the moment. That's why it's crucial to engage the subconscious to release stress, anxiety and even trauma. 
Same with limiting beliefs. Whenever you're not easily achieving what you want, it might be because there's a disconnect between what your conscious mind desires and what your subconscious programs and beliefs are. To bring ease to the doing, it's important to align the subconscious beliefs with the conscious goals. Without alignment, you deplete your energy, constantly forcing yourself and often struggling, which usually leads to burnout and frustration. 
During a PSYCH-K® process, we're able to access the subconscious mind and integrate both hemispheres of the brain creating a "whole brain state", where the communication between the logical part of the brain and the emotional part is heightened, so that the brain is able to implement the change and process any stressful situations you might be experiencing with ease. This brings you into a more balanced state, and because the subconscious mind processes information million times faster than the conscious mind, the change happens within minutes.
You can absolutely live your life with more ease, and it doesn't
have to be a struggle or hard work. By engaging your subconscious mind, you can leave old patterns, trauma and stress behind.
PSYCH-K® is for anyone who is willing and ready to make lasting changes in their lives. We unlock the potential, but it is still up to you to implement it into your life.


Remove the resistance and align you with what you truly want
Free from negative stories
Balance relationships with self and others, and more abstract things like money or food
Find underlying reasons for conditions or allergies

change is easy
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