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My name is Asha.
My journey with mind/body modalities started with yoga, followed by various types of meditation and breathwork practices.
Being certified in Trauma Informed Yoga and having learned how helpful applying that knowledge for regulating your nervous system, I soon after discovered another layer of healing and peace. 

It was where I found PSYCH-K®, 
a modality that addresses the subconscious mind, the core of limiting beliefs and the center of negative perceptions.
Having witnessed the incredible power of change and positive mind shifts in myself and others,
I now understand the value of working with the subconscious.

Knowing, how easy and quick it is to transform limiting beliefs and stressors in the moment I want to offer this practice to others, because I believe that peace and joy is possible for each of us.  

Through my own transformation I discovered a passion for candle making, that turned into a luxury brand.
House Of Novae began as a way to combat uncertainty in my own life. By creating a product with intention and integrity, I can not only share my commitment for growth but inspire others to do the same. 
My goal is to help people shift into ease, to remind them about their most innate connection, how powerful they really are, and what's possible from that state. 

I wish to inspire others not only by the power of personal growth and transformation, but by unique and memorable fragrances that uplift the spirit and remind people of their inner knowing and light.

*Completed PSYCH-K® Basic, Advanced and Master Facilitator Programs.
"Change your internal beliefs, change your external reality"
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